Department of Philosophy
About Our Department

Philosophy underlies every human endeavor, from politics to education, from business to the arts. At Elmhurst, you’ll tackle the essential questions through an intensive series of courses that look closely at human values and value systems. Each course will introduce you to great thinkers from history to the present day—and each course will ask you to hold up your own values to scrutiny.

Philosophy majors at Elmhurst learn to handle abstract ideas and think critically—skills that are fundamental to a wide range of careers as well as graduate work. Many of our students go on to law school; many others find rewarding careers in the social sciences or teaching. The principles of logic, careful expression and clarity that underscore philosophical thought are important in any career.

Elmhurst’s philosophy department is firmly rooted in practical issues as well as in the great philosophical questions. Courses speak directly to today’s most pressing issues, from debates over corporate practices and managed health care to global warming. Not only do we tackle the theory, we also grapple with the practices that confront us in the news or on campus. The essence of philosophy at Elmhurst is the incorporation of perennial issues into the fabric of our lives.

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Contact Information

The Philosophy Department is located in the lower level of Hammerschmidt Chapel.

Any questions about the department or earning a Philosophy major or minor should be directed to our Chair, Katrina Sifferd.

Katrina L. Sifferd, JD PhD