The Philosophy Program

Instead of being frightened by uncertainty, philosophers are excited by it. Philosophers are people who like thinking about difficult but important questions: What is the best way to live? What is the nature of the mind? Do we have free will? Is the world as it appears? Can we be certain about anything? Philosophers refuse to accept easy answers to these questions and instead develop techniques of reasoning to construct and evaluate different possible approaches. All philosophy courses examine the history of attempts to formulate and answer their chosen questions, but the reasoning acuity which philosophy courses build is useful far beyond this. It can be employed to solve any sort of difficult problem; it can also allow one to live a more intelligent, more carefully examined life.

Major in Philosophy

Students majoring in philosophy must take PHL 106, 303, 304, 405, and at least three other courses in the department. Appropriate related courses in other departments will be arranged in consultation with the chair of the philosophy department.

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Minor in Philosophy

Students minoring in philosophy must take five courses in philosophy, including PHL 106, 303, 304, and two other 300/400-level courses.

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